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About us

Hello and welcome to The Tungsten Wedding Bands Store. We specialize in wedding bands and also other custom order jewelry. We make anything possible here and have budgets for everyone. We have a strong background and knowledge in the jewelry business, coming mainly from my father who has over 40 years experience with fine materials and precious jewelry. We offer a very fast service and always offer top notch customer service and treat everyone like family. To us, your happiness is what is most important.

We turn all dreams into a reality in our shop, creating the perfect piece of jewelry made specifically for the person who ordered it. Working with the customer is what we do best by making every piece like it was made for you and only you. Our special orders really give the item an extra glow to it because we put our heart into everything we do, as a family united. If you have an idea for the perfect piece and don't know what's missing to complete it, we can even help with that as we have creationists that are ready to leak all their ideas that are just floating around in their head waiting to be released for you. I can't stress it enough that anything is possible over here!

*Comfort Fit Bands
*Highest Quality Materials
*Very Fast Turnaround
*Free Shipping (with tracking)
*Free Laser Engraving
*Multiple Ways Of Contact
*Near Immediate Responses To Inquiries

THANK YOU for shopping with Tungsten Wedding bands!